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destinys child reunion rumours

The Destiny’s Child reunion rumours are over already

Back into the void we go

Last week, the rumour mill went into overdrive, allegedly revealing that iconic 90s girl group Destiny’s Child would be reuniting. 

Eagle-eyed DC stans noticed the group’s Facebook and Twitter headers had changed and speculated everything from new music to a potential tour. Just days later our dreams have been crushed by the group’s manager – Matthew Knowles.

He told TMZ, there are “zero plans” for any new music or reunion of any sort. Knowles says that the changes made to the social media accounts were routine and weren’t requested by him.

So, while we all try to catch our breath after losing it (wink wink), the DC stans in the Hive can speculate what could be coming from Queen B after she confirmed she’d been working on new music? Another album?! We dare to dream.