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Billie Eilish ‘Male Fantasy’

Billie Eilish performs a tender rendition of ‘Male Fantasy’ on a golden bed

The musician has shared a live performance of the final track from her Happier Than Ever album

Billie Eilish has shared a live performance of “Male Fantasy”, the final track from her latest album, Happier Than Ever

Sat on a golden bed in a Hollywood-esque hotel room, the musician delivers a tender rendition of the song, which reflects on recent heartbreak and the fake fantasy offered by porn. Eilish’s brother and collaborator Finneas also joins the performance, perching on a cabinet at the side of the room.

The clip is the second of its kind, following a live rendition of “Your Power” which was shared on July 18, ahead of the album’s release on July 30. In the first video, Eilish and Finneas are sat side-by-side in a carpeted corridor with floor-to-ceiling orange curtains surrounding them.

Happier Than Ever is Eilish’s second record, following her 2019 debut album, WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? The musician has so far released six music videos from the record, including “my future”, “Therefore I Am”, “Your Power”, “Lost Cause”, “NDA”, and “Happier Than Ever”, most of which have been self-directed.

On Saturday (July 31), the BBC released its new documentary, Billie Eilish: Up Close, which sees the star discuss the album, her rise to fame, the impact of success on her life, and her role as an inspirational figure for young people across the world. In a clip from the show, Eilish opens up about her experience with online trolls, telling the BBC: “What is the point of trying to do good if people are just going to keep saying that you’re doing wrong?”

In a recent interview with The Guardian, Eilish also discussed her struggles with the public’s obsession with her body. “We only need bodies to eat and walk around and poop,” she told the publication. “We only need them to survive. It’s ridiculous that anybody even cares about bodies at all. Like, why? Why do we care?”

Watch Eilish’s live performance of “Male Fantasy” below, and look back at Dazed’s 2020 cover story with the musician here.