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Harry Styles
Photography Glen Luchford / TikTok/@terrytome

Is this Harry Styles’s secret TikTok account?

Fans are theorising that @terrytome is actually the musician after some unreleased music turned up on the account

From fragrance dupes so you can smell like Hazza to cardigan patterns so you can dress like Hazza, Harry Styles has been lightening up TikTok recently, if only from afar. Now, however, some of his fans think that he might be a little nearer the action than previously thought.

A number of Styles stans have been speculating that the musician has a secret TikTok account which he is using to share unreleased music. It started last month when an account under the name @terrytome posted a video of a gloved hand playing an instrumental version of Styles’s track ‘Falling’ on an electronic musical synthesizer called an Otamatone. Despite a caption reading “In the making of my cover of Falling by Harry Styles,” and a number of hashtags including #harrystyles – which presumably Styles wouldn’t use if truly undercover – fans quickly decided that the account was secretly him.

“Alexa, what kinda laptop does Harry have?” commented one user, while another wrote “Me tryna look in the screen to see if it's secretly Harry: 👁️👄👁️.” Fuelling speculation was a comment from Terry themselves saying that they wear gloves in their videos as they have very recognizable hands.

Since the first video, the account has continued to post Otamatone covers of Styles hits every few days, including an unreleased track called ‘Medicine’ which has been performed live but never had a studio recording. One fan acknowledged this by commenting, “Wait you have a studio version of the instrumental,” to which Terry replied “🎼 I- no. No I don’t.😳.”

Styles has yet to respond to the speculation. Maybe, like many of us in the past few months, he has resorted to the favoured lockdown pastimes of Animal Crossing and endlessly scrolling TikTok. Or perhaps more likely, Terry, whoever they are, is just a Harry Styles fan who enjoys performing covers and causing intrigue. We may never know.