Harry Styles' cardigan is TikTok famous – here's how to DIY it

JW Anderson has released a downloadable crochet pattern to save Styles stans some time

Back in February, Harry Styles was seen wearing a chunky, patchwork cardigan during a rehearsal ahead of appearing on The Today Show. Crafted by JW Anderson (though likely not personally, obvs), the crocheted style soon began trending on TikTok, as Styles stans attempted to make their own versions via the #HarryStylesCardigan challenge. 

Having presumably clocked the trend while absentmindedly scrolling the app himself, Anderson has now released a downloadable pattern to save those looking to get handy with the crochet needles a bit of time. Taking to Instagram, the designer wrote: “I am so impressed and incredibly humbled by this trend and everyone knitting the cardigan. I really wanted to show our appreciation so we are sharing the pattern with everyone. Keep it up!” 

As well as saving time, crafting your own cardigan will also save you a hefty amount of money, given the original style retails at over £1,250 (casual). More importantly, it’s highly likely the end result will offer a warm, fuzzy sense of achievement and pride which we all know you can’t put a price on, right? 

For those among us whose practical skills are lacking and don’t fancy throwing their attempt across the room in a fit of rage when it all goes wrong three minutes in (hi!) there’s further good news: the style has also landed in Animal Crossing, which is clearly the true measure of success in fashion right now. 

Take a look at some of the #HarryStylesCardigan TikTok videos below, and download your own pattern here.