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Sia, ‘Joe Exotic’
via Twitter/@Sia

Sia shares a Joe Exotic parody featuring Maddie Ziegler

The Tiger King-themed track is also inspired by the Megan Thee Stallion song Savage

Netflix’s Tiger King and DIY, self-isolation music videos will always remain linked to the coronavirus pandemic in some strange way (along with Animal Crossing, TikTok, and sex toys, both homemade and bought online). So maybe it’s not too surprising that Sia shared a crossover of the two on social media yesterday (April 25).

Inspired by Megan Thee Stallion’s “Savage” – from her recently-released EP, Suga – “Joe Exotic” is about exactly what you would expect. 

Sia delivers lines about the infamous, flamboyant ex-zookeeper alongside longtime collaborator Maddie Ziegler and makeup artist Tonya Brewer (who also directs the accompanying video): “Joe Exotic, breeds tigers and lions, chaotic / His obsession with Carole, psychotic.”

Also – appropriately – included in the post is a link to donate to The Humane Society, which fights animal cruelty.

Watch “Joe Exotic” below.