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Britney Spears, Instagram
courtesy of Instagram/@britneyspears

Britney Spears wants people to ‘strike’ and ‘redistribute wealth’

In an Instagram post, the singer seems to call for action during ‘this time of isolation’

Britney Spears: pop icon, budding artist, and… advocate for socialist reform? In a recent Instagram post, at least, the singer seems to support a general strike and the redistribution of wealth.

“During this time of isolation, we need connection now more than ever,” begins the post, originally created by Mimi Zhu.

“Call your loved ones, write virtual love letters. Technologies like virtual communication, streaming and broadcasting are part of our community collaboration. We will learn to kiss and hold each other through the waves of the web.”

From there, though, it starts to read much more like a call for direct action: “We will feed each other, re-destribute (sic) wealth, strike.”

Truly a message worthy of a legend of pop (and the proletariat, apparently). 

“We will understand our own importance from the places we must stay,” the post concludes. “Communion moves beyond walls. We can still be together.”

Inspirational messages aren’t all Britney’s been doing for those suffering the consequences of coronavirus and subsequent isolation, though. Recently, the singer has also opened her DMs to help fans out with donations in this difficult time.