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Kanye WestPhotography Matt Holyoak

Kanye West is donating free meals amid coronavirus

The initiative will help the most vulnerable in the cities of Chicago and Los Angeles

With celebrities sending money to fans, sharing their mental health stories, and encouraging people to self-isolate, Kanye West is now the latest star to offer his help amidst the outbreak of coronavirus. 

Donating to Chicago-based charity We Women Empowered and Josephine’s Southern Cooking, the rapper is also working with the Los Angeles-based organisation, Dream Centre. Located in his hometowns, the charities will help provide meals to the elederly, families, and children who have been affected by the pandemic. 

“When I got that call, that Kanye West wanted to help the elderly in Chicago, I was beyond words,” Josephine “Mother” Wade, owner of We Women Empowered, said. “In one phone call, in an instant today, our world was changed.”

Having already delivered three meals a day in South Side Chicago since the outbreak, Wade hopes that West’s donation will help the charity continue to feed and support those in the area. 

With Josephine’s Southern Cooking kitchen also run by Wade and providing food delivery, the Dream Centre is operating a drive-thru meal service in Los Angeles – open 11 hours a day, seven days a week. Currently catering 7,000 meals a day, with West’s help the Dream Center hopes to feed hundreds of thousands more meals to children and the elderly. 

For more information on how you could help, visit We Women EmpoweredJosephine’s Southern Cooking, and Dream Centre.