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Charli XCX
Charli XCX wears jean jacket by MoschinoPhotography Gwen Trannoy, styling Rebecca Perlmutar

Read Charli XCX’s quarantine diary here on Dazed

As the musician enters her fourth day in self-isolation, she writes and reflects on the uncertain future, her privilege and mental health, and the power of personal connections

Charli XCX is on her fourth day of self-isolating amid the coronavirus pandemic – here today on Dazed, the musician is sharing her personal thoughts and reflections on the state of the world right now, her place in it, and the uncertain future for her industry, our reality, and beyond.

Today, Charli also announced a programme of online events, offering support and solace to anyone else in self-imposed quarantine. She kicked today off with a Christine and the Queens Instagram live convo, and future events include a personal training session with Diplo, a game of would-you-rather with Kim Petras, an art class with Clairo, and a conversation on how to embrace loneliness with Rita Ora. For Charli, it’s an opportunity to collab, create, and feel personal connection in a time of crisis and uncertainty.

You can read Charli’s diary exclusively on Dazed below, follow her links for donating to aid projects that need it right now, and keep up to date with the coronavirus outbreak on WHO.

“4th day in self quarantine, 3rd diary entry. I’m beginning to think quite existentially. I feel like there’s always been this quite lols version of what our future could be: everybody living in a pod, never leaving their homes, talking to their friends on some kind of VR system where everyone appears as a hologram, immersing yourself in concerts and live events from the comfort of your own sofa, and putting any world currency in the microwave, heating it up for one minute and having it suddenly turn into a yummy cuisine from that specific region of the world (this is a Spy Kids reference – watch it, you’ve got the time). It’s always been funny to think like that, but in reality the actuality of our society morphing into that kind of a situation always felt very far away and a little bit ridiculous to me...

Until now. Before I get into this, let me just say, I’m aware it’s only day 4 and honestly, it’s quite fun at the moment. I’m watching the movies I’ve always wanted to watch, I’m rewatching the movies I thought I’d never have time to watch again, I’m listening to albums in full, I’m having sex with my boyfriend, I’m lighting a million candles in my house and laying around feeling guilt free and relaxed, I’m eating fun frozen stuff which I would never normally eat in what used to be considered ‘the real world’, I have immense amounts of free time and I never leave my house. It’s great! By the way – I am aware I’m speaking from a position of privilege here – even though money has been lost from the cancellation of shows and corporate contracts I had coming up, I have not lost my job, my immune system is (fingers crossed) pretty good, I don’t have a young family to support or grandparents to care for, I am not one of the 60,000 people experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles county (this is where I’m writing from right now – and I’m guessing that number is probably way higher). My circumstances are extreme and quite unique. And this time period is really making me very conscious of that and very thankful that I currently feel safe. This time is making me want to do more, to donate more and to use my platform more to help those whose voices often aren’t heard. I’m putting some links at the end of this diary entry so that if you too feel inclined, you can donate to some people who are in serious need at this point in time. 

“This time is making me want to do more, to donate more and to use my platform more to help those whose voices often aren’t heard” – Charli XCX

Ok so back to being in my bubble (which I’m currently enjoying). The thing is, I know myself. I know I’m a workaholic who needs to be making stuff to survive. I know that I will have a breakdown and fall into some kind of spiraling depression where I question my worth and my purpose if I don’t start being productive with my time. It’s really only a matter of time. And because I know these things I suppose I’m trying to adapt. I’m trying to collaborate from afar; whether it be doing a personal training session with Diplo on Instagram live (lol) or starting a secret minimal side project with a frequent collaborator on the DL, I’m trying to connect with my peers and with my audience and trying to make this time of uncertainty feel a little more unified and a little more fun. I see lots of people doing this, and I think it’s really positive.

And this leads me to my existential thinking: is this the future? Will the music industry change for good? Will all industries change for good? Will we all adapt? Will we be able to break the habits that we form within this quite intense period of time? Will someone develop a VR hologram communication device which becomes a part of most people’s daily lives? Will we be living in pods (our homes) having everything delivered (via Amazon) watching movies that we thought would be in the cinema (the invisible man) but are now actually available to stream in our own homes (bye bye going to the cinema – I hope not)? Will music videos become TikTok and will toilet paper become our most desired luxury item which can be ordered in different colors and textures for an exceptional amount of money with a 2 week wait for its arrival? I don’t know the answers to these questions but I’m thinking about them lots. Anyways that’s all. I’m planning live streams for the rest of the week and continuing my FaceTime relationships with my closest friends. Until next time.” 


An organisation that fights for the rights and protection of homeless peoples in Los Angeles who are currently campaigning for their protection from COVID-19. More info on their action here and what they do here.


A food bank in LA that is in urgent need of donations as quarantine is affecting their food stock and volunteer time. People should donate to their local food bank, and support the most vulnerable at this time. People in the USA can find their local food banks here, and in the UK here.

See the full programme of Charli’s below, and follow Charli on Instagram to tune in.

Thursday March 19: personal training w/ Diplo (6pm UK time)
Friday March 20: how to be lonely w/ Rita Ora (time TBC)
Saturday March 21: would you rather w/ Kim Petras (time TBC)
Sunday March 22: art class w/ Clairo (8pm UK time)

You can keep up to date on the ongoing coronavirus outbreak with the World Health Organisation