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Bella Hadid Off-White SS20 show Paris Fashion Week
FashionBella Hadid didn’t feel sexy or powerful walking in Victoria’s Secret shows
Tory Story
PoliticsThese bleak stories of British life under Tory austerity are going viral
Illustration Elizabeth Henson
Life & CultureMillennials will get sick and die faster than previous generations
Rafi Solaiman shot by Christian Cassiel
Life & CultureAble is the new magazine banishing disability taboos
People in the UK can now buy a headset to combat depression
Science & TechPeople in the UK can now buy a headset to combat depression
Daddy Issues
Life & CultureDaddy Issues is the podcast on the trauma our parents give us
Julio Marcial – San Francisco’s housing crisis
Life & CultureShocker: bad housing and job prospects hurt young people’s mental health
Science & TechInstagram bans drawings and memes depicting self-harm
Brad Pitt Fight Club 1
Film & TVDoes Fight Club critique or celebrate the extreme violence of men?
James Blake
MusicJames Blake has written an essay on depression and masculinity
Science & TechA virtual therapist app is being used to treat people with depression
Teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg
Life & CultureYoung people with Asperger syndrome on the power of Greta Thunberg
Facebook trialling removal of likes
Science & TechFacebook is hiding likes for some users to stop people feeling bad
Gucci runway mental health protest artist YaYa Bones
FashionGucci responds to the runway protest that took place at its SS20 show
Teens who take the pill at risk of long-lasting depression
Science & TechThe contraceptive pill could be triggering long-lasting depression in teens
Air pollution can be linked to poor mental health
Science & TechAir pollution might be making us depressed
Masc Week (MentalH) connections
MasculinityLess chat, more action: it’s time to offer men IRL mental health support
Donald Trump
PoliticsTrump blames mental illness for gun violence – the reason is guns
instagram removing likes
Science & TechWhat Instagram removing likes may mean for influencers and our self-esteem
13 Reasons Why revises Hannah Baker suicide scene
Film & TVNetflix edits 13 Reasons Why graphic suicide scene two years later
Instagram woman
Life & CultureInstagram is finally cracking down on online bullying
Science & TechWhat you need to know about burnout, now it’s an official medical condition
Noa Pothoven
Life & CultureDebunking the viral news story of a Dutch teenager being legally euthanised
Drug and alcohol addiction meme accounts
Life & CultureHow recovering addicts find solace in Instagram meme accounts