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Paris Hilton
Life & CultureSharing selfies on Instagram makes you happier, says study
Life & CultureLockdown has had a detrimental impact on young people’s mental health
Life & CultureWatch this poignant, poetic film about life after isolation
LGBTQ+ flag
PoliticsA third of trans and non-binary youth have attempted suicide this past year
Zoom funerals and grief
Life & CultureHow to process grief when you’re stuck in lockdown
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Life & CultureThis short film highlights the urgent issues around men’s mental health
Class of COVID 19
Life & Culture10 young people get honest about their mental health in COVID-19 lockdown
University Facebook anonymous confessions pages
Science & TechThe mental health crisis playing out in university ‘confessions’ pages
Girls coronavirus lockdown
PoliticsFrom period poverty to harassment, young women and girls suffer in lockdown
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Dazed 100Lulu Bonfils
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Dazed 100Danika Magdelena
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Dazed 100Jahi Di’Allo Winston
TikTok trigger warning
Science & TechDoes TikTok have a trigger warning problem?
Obsessive compulsive disorder coronavirus COVID-19 coping
Life & CultureHow OCD sufferers are coping with the coronavirus outbreak
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Life & Culture‘Like Avon but for CBD’: the endometriosis sufferers propping up CBD MLMs
Charli XCX
MusicRead Charli XCX’s quarantine diary here on Dazed
Charli XCX coronavirus quarantine
MusicCharli XCX reflects on mental health during coronavirus quarantine
Toxic masculinity found to actually affect men’s health
Science & TechToxic masculinity found to have an actual effect on men’s health
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Life & CultureHow to not freak out about coronavirus, according to an expert
Winona Ryder
Life & CultureIt is both creatively and politically necessary for women to be alone
Billie Eilish
MusicBillie Eilish speaks out about her sleep paralysis and night terrors
Science & TechTikTok reportedly took three hours to tell police of a livestream suicide
Science & TechOne dose of magic mushrooms can reduce depression for years, says study
Patrick Bateman
Life & CultureIt’s official: posting loads of selfies is linked to narcissism