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Grimes and Alexa Demie
courtesy of Instagram/@grimes

Listen to the first episode of Grimes’ WarNymph Radio

The show features a guest appearance from the Euphoria and Mid90s actress Alexa Demie

Grimes has debuted the first episode of her new Apple Music radio show, WarNymph Radio. And, if that wasn’t enough by itself, the show features a “special guest”: Euphoria and Mid90s star – and Dazed 100 alumAlexa Demie.

In the show itself, Grimes promises to explore what she calls: “the uncanny valley between mainstream and underground music, or mainstream artists that I think are making radical, interesting music and independent artists that I think are making things that are super universal.”

Grimes herself appeared on Lady Gaga’s all-female playlist for International Women’s Day last week – which similarly mixed pop and more underground artists – with two featured tracks, “We Appreciate Power” and “Delete Forever” from her recently-released album, Miss Anthropocene.

To accompany the release of her new album, Grimes also created a digital avatar – or “de-aged digital clone” – that lends its name to the new radio show.

Listen to WarNymph Radio by following the link in Grimes’s announcement thread below.