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Frank Ocean, Dazed
Photography Willy Vanderperre, Styling Robbie Spencer

A new, slightly mysterious Frank Ocean song is on the way

The track will replace ‘Little Demon’ on an upcoming vinyl release

Frank Ocean fans that ordered the vinyl version of “Little Demon”, the singer’s collaboration with Skepta, have been informed that they won’t actually be getting what they were expecting. Instead, the 7” release will feature “a new, unreleased Frank Ocean song”.

This is according to an email received by those that ordered the original record, although it doesn’t really provide any info on why, or about the track that will be replacing “Little Demon” (although in any case, it’s fairly unlikely to disappoint).

The upcoming, unreleased track also comes in the middle of a series of releases from Ocean. Prior to the release of “Little Demon”, he debuted Arca’s remixed version of the song at his clubnight, PrEP+ (and officially on his Beats 1 blonded RADIO show).

The tail end of last year also saw new tracks “DHL” and “In My Room” released in relatively quick succession, adding to speculation about an upcoming album.