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Grimes talks on her style icons, potential collabs, and new projects

In the wake of her Miss Anthropocene release, the singer held a wide-ranging Q&A with fans on Twitter

Grimes’s new album, Miss Anthropocenereleased yesterday (February 21) – shows a lot of different sides to the singer/producer, and in its wake she’s been opening up even more to fans online, in the form of a Twitter Q&A.

The questions, which Grimes also answered yesterday evening, include references to the album itself, as well as her pregnancy. “Did the baby make you so heavy so that you fell through the earth?” asks one fan, referencing a song that preceded the album’s release. “Yeah,” Grimes replies. “Now I’m stuck in the core of the earth.”

Other topics covered by the Q&A include her thoughts on imperialism – “Don’t do it!” – her favourite planet (Jupiter, fyi), and some book, music, and film recommendations.

“Doja is my top streamed artist of 2019 lol, shes (sic) one of the greatest ever,” she writes in one answer, also naming Doja Cat’s Hot Pink the best album of 2019.

There are also some hints at potential content we could see from Grimes post-Miss Anthropocene, including “an art show in March or April in LA” that is currently in production. 

Meanwhile, she only tentatively says that she’d collab with Lady Gaga – “if she’d have me” – but seems to have plans to continue working with Charli XCX, writing: “We still need to finish our cyber girl song – cyber girl in a cyber world. It’s gna be genius.”

We can also expect some of the scrapped songs from Miss Anthropocene to eventually see the light, although talking about the contract she’s now been released from, she adds: “I have a 6 month hold hahaha before I may release new musique.”

She also seems to hint that merch is on the way, writing in one answer: “(Shop coming soon?!)” In another, about whether she’ll ever drop a clothing line, she adds: “Digital clothes for sure....” As for her style icons, Kim Kardashian and Bella Hadid get a namecheck.

Altogether, it seems safe to say that the future holds a lot of potential for Grimes fans. Read the full thread below.