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Kanye West, Sunday Service
via Instagram @kanyesundayservices

Another Kanye West opera, titled Mary, is on the way

The opera will be another collaboration with director Vanessa Beecroft and the Sunday Service choir

Kanye West seems to have developed a taste for staging operas. It’s only been two weeks since he staged his first, Nebuchadnezzar, at the Hollywood Bowl, and he’s already announced another, which will be staged tomorrow (December 8).

The second show in what seems to be becoming Kanye’s biblical opera series will be called Mary. Once again, it’s directed by director/performance artist and frequent collaborator Vanessa Beecroft and will feature music from the Sunday Service choir.

Last time around, Sheck Wes got the starring role, but no lead seems to be confirmed for Mary yet.

The strangest thing about Mary so far, though, is the venue. Kanye has swapped out LA for Florida, staging the new work at the Miami Marine Stadium (just in time for the last day of Art Basel). As suggested in the name, the stadium is usually used for boat shows, meaning that whether you’ve bought tickets for the “elevated bleachers” of the beach, you’re pretty much just looking out on an expanse of water.

Is there going to be walking on said water in the new opera? Quite possibly.

See Kanye’s announcement tweet below, along with similar artwork to the last opera.