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Kanye West’s Sunday Service compared to Fyre Festival
Via Instagram @kanyesundayservices

Kanye West’s Sunday Service is being compared to Fyre Festival

That cheese sandwich walked so Brunchella pancakes could run

Kanye West isn’t having the best couple of weeks. The rapper first dropped his widely panned album, Jesus is King, before being mocked for his overpriced WordArt merch, and is now having his Sunday Service compared to the disastrous Fyre Festival.

On Friday (November 1), West appeared with his choir at a church in Louisiana, performing tracks from his latest album. While the event came with a number of complaints – the rapper was reportedly two hours late, and the VIP section was just a hill with a sign on it – the biggest grievance was the $55 (£42) ‘Brunchella’. 

In a Facebook post, later shared on Twitter, one unhappy customer posted a photo of the depressing-looking breakfast, writing: “This is the wonderful & COLD brunch BUFFET we are being served by Boil & Roux BR. & the server looked at me crazy when I asked for another pancake.”

Sharing the images side-by-side, another Twitter user said: “Kanye West’s $55 Brunchella meal is making the Fyre Fest sandwich look good.” 

Turns out Ye isn’t to blame, though, as the catering company has issued a public apology. In a statement to TMZ, Lauryn’s Fine Catering explained: “The catering company acknowledges it did not provide adequate food for ONE attendee and a social media post went viral.” 

The company went on to assert that West wasn’t paid to perform at the event, and in fact covered all travel costs for himself and his choir. It continued: “Kanye West and the Sunday Service collective should be disassociated with such claims surrounding the food at the event.”

This isn’t the first time Kanye’s Sunday Service has been criticised. Last month, the rapper took the event to Howard University in Washington DC – an institution with a status as a historically black university – but was met with mixed reviews, as many questioned whether his visit was appropriate given his recent comments on slavery and endorsement of Donald Trump.