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Kanye West meets with Donald Trump in New York

The rapper was spotted in the Trump Tower lobby earlier this afternoon

Kanye West was spotted entering Trump Tower today, in one of the first public appearances since his hospitalisation

The rapper arrived at the building, which is home to president-elect Donald J. Trump, at around 9am EST this morning. He was accompanied by his entourage, as well as a videographer. While it’s not exactly clear why he was there, he was reportedly arriving for a prearranged meeting with Trump – something that makes sense given West’s recently announced support for the Republican. 

The meeting ended around 45 minutes after West’s arrival, with Trump greeting reporters and posing for photos with the rapper in the lobby. When asked what they talked about, the Republican simply replied “life”, adding that the pair had been “friends for life.” West was not any clearer, saying that he “just want to take a picture right now.” 

West’s unexpected support for Trump was revealed in a speech during his Saint Pablo tour, a few days before he was admitted to hospital for exhaustion. The Chicago rapper admitted to the audience that he didn’t vote, but stressed that if he had, he “would have voted on Trump”.  He added that he was a fan of the president-elect’s “politically incorrect” way of communicating.

Here’s hoping that West really is a genius, and that his show of support is just a massive ploy to ruin Trump’s presidency. Or that this is just a really intense piece of performance art. Or something. Anything. Kanye, no. Stop.