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Utopia Bird Call Boxset
Utopia Bird Call Boxsetcourtesy of One Little Indian

Björk is releasing a Utopia boxset with 14 handcrafted birdcall flutes

Is 14 handcrafted birdcall flutes too many? Can you ever have too many handcrafted birdcall flutes?

Sometimes it feels like Björk is on a mission to out-Björk herself and that’s no bad thing. In fact, it often leads to brilliant results, such as her recently-announced Utopia boxset, which will come with a collection of no less than 14 handmade birdcall flutes.

The birdcall flutes – let’s be honest, that’s what we all want to know about – are made in collaboration with Quelle est Belle, a company based in the mountains of southern France (ofc). The flutes have been selected by Björk herself and come with a booklet detailing each birdcall and providing instructions.

Obviously, the boxset also contains the music from the album, as well as videos – such as the Tobias Gremmler-directed videos for “Losss” and “Tabula Rasa” – and an unreleased instrumental track. It will set you back £500, but can you put a price on birdcall flutes?

In a statement, Björk explains the boxset: “utopia is so much about birdsong and sonically the mutation between synth/bird , bird/flute , flute/synth ....... air like that was a theme through all of the album . so i got very excited when i found these handmade wooden flutes imitating precisely particular birds . and i guess wanted you guys to have an opportunity to share that with me ........ enjoy !!!”

The Utopia Bird Call Boxset will release November 1 and is available for preorder now, via One Little Indian. Earlier this month (August 5) came news that the singer is bringing Cornucopia, her multi-media live show, to the UK later in the year.