Watch Björk’s stunning new video for ‘Losss’

The track from Utopia has an alien visual directed by Tobias Gremmler

Björk just finished an eight-night residency at The Shed in New York, and announced that she’s bringing Cornucopia, her theatrical multi-media live show, to the UK in November, but she’s not stopping there.

Today she’s released the Tobias Gremmler-directed video for ‘losss’, a track taken from her 2017 album Utopia. Writing on YouTube, Björk described Gremmler as “overwhelmingly talented”, adding that “noone captures digital sensuality like him , elegant and expressive !!!!”

It’s a visual that’s been created for the multiple screens of Cornucopia, now brought to the intimacy of our laptops and headphones. It depicts a romantic, forlorn connection between two alien (and very Björk-like beings), both of whom lipsync the words to ‘losss’ throughout, morphing in and out of different shapes and bodies.

“Cornucopia has a proper stage and a catwalk, so it is aiming to entertain; to serve, perhaps, a disillusioned post-climate-changer,” Björk told Dazed recently. “It is trying to be a dream one can watch from afar, so I guess the relationship between the audience is different. I wanted the whole thing to be extremely digital and extremely acoustic, very DIY. Like, ‘Let’s start again in a new world but also we’ll have solar-powered high-tech gear with us. A sci-fi camping trip’.”