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Young Thug
courtesy of Instagram/@youngthug

Young Thug announces his new album release date

So Much Fun is coming on the rapper’s birthday

Young Thug has taken to Instagram to reveal the release date of his new album, So Much Fun. The record is slated for just next week, August 16 (also the rapper’s 28th birthday). 

The announcement also unveils the album’s artwork (see below), which features many Young Thugs standing in a field, making up a picture of his own face (with jewellery made of Thuggers and a gold Thugger grill, ofc).

Young Thug has previously hinted that he’s been working on an album, confirming the name change to So Much Fun last month (July 19) and teasing music all the way back in March.

Recently, Young Thug is also likely to have been on people’s minds due to his remix of Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road”, along with the Walmart yodelling kid Mason Ramsey (because the song wasn’t a big enough meme by itself, apparently). Oh, and it also got a video featuring the pair, along with Lil Nas and Billy Ray Cyrus, storming Area 51.