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Lil Nas X storms Area 51 in new “Old Town Road” video
Via YouTube

Lil Nas X storms Area 51 in another new video for ‘Old Town Road’

The rapper is once again joined by Billy Ray Cyrus, Young Thug, and Mason Ramsey to ‘see them aliens’

Two big things happened last week: Lil Nas X blessed us with the greatest lyric in songwriting history (“if you ain’t got no giddee up then giddee out my way, courtesy of guest vocalist Mason Ramsey), and over a million people pledged to storm Area 51, because “they can’t stop all of us”. Now, in something so 2019 it’s actually melted my brain, the rapper has dropped yet another video for “Old Town Road”, this time – you guessed it – storming Area 51.

In one of the quickest video turnarounds ever, Lil Nas X, Billy Ray Cyrus, Young Thug and Walmart yodeling kid Ramsey swap Animojis for cartoons as they ride into Area 51 on horses and… a cobra.

The visual sees a sleeping guard – listening to “Old Town Road”, obvs – get a warning text from Lil Nas X before gathering nervous-looking guards to protect the gates. Despite having guns, the military are no match for the foursome (and a Naruto-running Keanu Reeves – “if we naruto run, we can move faster than their bullets”) and they piss themselves, drop their guns, and somehow die by leaking green slime.

Panini in hand, Lil Nas X and his crew arrive in Area 51 and receive futuristic gifts from the aliens, including a gnarly robot horse. The group then ride into the sunset but don’t seem to rescue any aliens, which is arguably the whole point of the raid.

It’s so dumb that it’s practically perfect. Maybe once Area 51 has actually been stormed in September, the aliens will release their own remix. Watch this space.