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Still from Travis Scott’s Wake Up
Still from Travis Scott’s Wake Upcourtesy of YouTube/Travis Scott

Jonah Hill directs Travis Scott’s new video for ‘Wake Up’

Magic realist hip hop vibes

It’s probably safe to say that Jonah Hill has asserted himself as a director worth looking out for. In the past couple of years he’s directed a couple of music videos – including Vampire Weekend’s “Sunflower” with Steve Lacy – and also his first feature-length film, the raw coming-of-age skate story Mid90s.

Now, he’s back with another music video, this time for Travis Scott. Specifically, for Travis Scott’s “Wake Up”, a track featuring The Weeknd from 2018’s Astroworld.

“Wake Up” is pretty surreal. Filmed in black and white, it features Travis Scott walking through a mansion of sleeping people (hence the title, presumably) and some of them begin to… evaporate, or something. Then, Travis starts floating, along with all the liquid in certain rooms. Maybe a description doesn’t do it justice?

The rapper has previously released other videos for Astroworld tracks, including “Sicko Mode” with Drake and “Yosemite”.

Watch the video for “Wake Up” below.