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solange binz challenge
courtesy of YouTube/solangeknowlesmusic

The internet is enjoying a cute, Solange-inspired challenge

The #binzchallenge is all about positive vibes

Internet challenges have typically involved people putting themselves in harm’s way, or at least a certain level of personal discomfort. Recently there’s been the Bird Box challenge, which saw people walking into walls with blindfolds on, and last year had the Kiki challenge, where people danced beside their moving cars with sometimes painful consequences. It goes back to the infamous cinnamon challenge (remember that?) and probably beyond.

Now, though, there’s a Solange-inspired challenge doing the rounds, and it’s refreshingly focused on good vibes and feeling comfortable in your own skin.

The #binzchallenge can be traced back to this video posted to Instagram by Solange on March 11, in which she dances around the house to the song “Binz” from her new album, When I Get Home. (It’s also the official video, btw.)

It’s all very smiley and homely-feeling. There’s also a variety of outfits on show, ranging from the comfy clothes you’d wear on a Sunday morning to chic looks that wouldn’t be out of place in her When I Get Home film.

Best of all, it’s become a kind of template for people to share their positive vibes in similar videos, all soundtracked by “Binz”.

The challenge seems to capture that comfort you feel in your own home, while giving people a chance to show off their own wardrobes as well. Posters have thanked Solange for making them feel celebrated, with one writing: “Thank you for giving us artsy/hood/eccentric/unconventional girls a voice.”

It’s also become a way for people to celebrate their positive achievements, cementing the fact that it’s all about feeling good.