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People are injuring themselves doing the ‘Kiki Challenge’

Apparently jumping out of a moving car to dance to Drake is what’s in RN

You might have seen the “Kiki challenge” (AKA the “Keke challenge” or the “In My Feelings challenge”) on Twitter. The international dance craze has evolved from just dancing to Drake’s In My Feelings; now it involves jumping out of a moving car and doing the dance, while the car is still moving. Not the best idea, obviously.

If nothing else, the videos uploaded to Twitter are educational; they show a range of ways you can injure yourself by dancing beside a moving car (as if we needed to be told). People have been hit by cars, dragged alongside their own car, and have run into poles in their plea for 15 minutes – or more likely seconds – of fame.

One woman was even targeted by thieves when she was mid-Kiki-Challenge.

The trend has led to worldwide denunciation from police, along with threats of criminal charges. The Mumbai police warned against putting others’ lives at risk, while in Florida people jumping out of their car in the name of views could face $1000 fines or criminal charges. (Though, ironically, the Orlando Police Department released their own take on Drake’s dance in an Instagram post.)

May we suggest, just… not jumping out of a moving car?