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Photograph by Maria Tessa Sciarrino.

Cause Co-Motion! Recommends

Brooklyn based high-energy post-punk rockers give us their recommendations.

Can you recommend...
... three new bands?
Brilliant Colors
... three old bands?
Banana Splits
Bobby Fuller Four
Beau Brummels
 ... a record label?
Observer (just look at the art on the labels!)
... a website?

... a film?
The Zapruder film
 ... a book?
Gospel of Thomas
 ... something on YouTube?
Bill Dance bloopers

... a radio show?
Music to Spazz By with Dave the Spazz on WFMU
... something to do on a day off?
Go to the beach.  Or get the holes in those shoes fixed, finally.
... somewhere to eat?
The Port Drive-In root beer stand of Chesterton, Indiana
... a song everyone should hear?
The song of the humpback whale.

Cause Co-Motion! Have recently released a 12" EP entitled Because Because Because.