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Klein for Open House

Open House: in conversation with Klein

In the latest episode of our podcast with Sonos, experimental artist Klein welcomes us into her dream world

In collaboration with Sonos, Open House continues its exploration of the lives of musicians through their memories of the places they live and the sounds of their homes. Following episodes with Johnny MarrShirley Manson and Neneh Cherry, this time Dazed visits Klein, the British/Nigerian DJ and producer who we interviewed back in 2016. Open House delves into Klein's vibrant musical background that is influenced by growing up in south east London, Lagos and LA.

In the last two years, Klein has been very busy. She just finished a score for a musical, launched her EP CC with Howling Owl, and managed to still have time to join Björk on her Utopia Tour – and this is only in 2018 so far.“CC is definitely the most nightmare-esque piece, but it’s also covered in sparkles” explains Klein to Open House's host, Thomas Gorton.

The experimental artist’s music is eclectic and inarguably unique, combining pop, R&B and electronic music soundscapes in a mysterious dream-world reality. When discussing her roots, Klein reflects on the music that surrounded her youth in Camberwell and Lagos, from the R&B princess Brandy, Dizzee Rascal’s Boy In Da Corner, 00s indie band Hadouken, to Christian dance music artist Yinka Ayefele.

Listen to Open House below, along with a Spotify playlist of all the mentioned tracks.