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Open House: in conversation with Shirley Manson

In the latest episode of Open House, the podcast series presented by Dazed and Sonos, we speak to the outspoken lead-vocalist of Garbage

Music has been a part of Shirley Manson’s life for as long as she can remember. In this candid episode of Open House, Manson speaks to Dazed Digital editor Thomas Gorton about how “there was music everywhere, all the time” growing up. Her mother was always singing, and the music played in her household ranged from jazz to Scottish folk music to, in later years, goth new-wave.

Born in 1966 in Edinburgh, the singer-writer is known for being the lead vocalist in the Scottish-American alternative rock band, Garbage. Her first performance was at the age of four, when she performed with her older sister at a local church. Fast-forward to 1994, when Manson joined Garbage – and quickly rose to fame when she became the face of the band.

“Just do the work, because you love doing the work” – Shirley Manson

Manson’s lyrics have been described as everything from political to personal, with fans falling for the depth of emotions she is able to convey. In this episode, the 51-year-old discusses her relationship with her band, the inspiration for her music, and the duality she feels within herself.

Listen to Open House below, along with a Spotify playlist of all the tracks mentioned.