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Open House: In conversation with Neneh Cherry

Listen to our new podcast series presented in collaboration with Sonos – first up is an inimitable icon who pioneered a new era of protest in pop

“Music is such a big part of how to start to own a place. It’s how you fill up the space, the rooms.”

These are the words of Neneh Cherry, our first guest in a new Dazed podcast series created in collaboration with Sonos, and presented by Dazed’s Digital Editor Thomas Gorton. Open House explores the lives of musicians through their home, their memories of places that they used to live in, and the sounds of their houses now.

Neneh Cherry is an artist who helped define an era of protest and pop, most notably through her worldwide hit single “Buffalo Stance.” Born in Sweden in 1964, the singer-songwriter made a bold leap and moved to London at 16 where she found herself embedded within the city’s punk and squat scene. 

In this episode, we discuss the jazz sounds of her Stockholm childhood home, her stepdad Don Cherry, and the Latino bands she’d hear play from her Brooklyn apartment.

“Music is such a big part of how you start to own a place. It’s how you fill up the space, the rooms.” –Neneh Cherry

This intimate conversation provides a look behind the curtain at what Cherry’s homelife is like, painting a vivid picture of houses that she's lived in in Spain, Sweden, London and New York, while discussing artists as diverse as Rick James, Lil Wayne, Ari Up, and Frank Ocean.

Listen to Open House below, along with a Spotify playlist of all the tracks mentioned.