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Photography Roe Ethridge

Grimes created a theme song for Hilda, a new animated series on Netflix

Blue hair and elves? Sounds like a perfect match

Grimes, in-between creating new music and presumably dealing with the fallout from the whole Azealia Banks/Elon Musk fiasco, has been working on a theme song for Hilda, a new animated Netflix series.

The show, which premiered yesterday (September 21), is based on the eponymous comic by Luke Pearson, and follows its blue-haired protagonist on adventures in a world filled with monsters, elves, and other mysterious creatures (which is kind of the vibe Grimes herself has always given off).

The singer/producer’s title tune, which was shared in a tweet by Pearson, is poppy and upbeat – to match the series’ bright and cartoonish visuals – and features snatches of Grimes’ effects-laden vocals.

For Grimes, the theme song marks another step in her steadily increasing output, following a few years of near-silence after her 2015 album, Art Angels, released. In June this year, she also teased snippets of new songs, including “that’s what the drugs are for”.