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courtesy of Instagram/@ontheruntourII

Beyoncé and Travis Scott both had stage invaders this weekend

And they were dealt with very differently

On Saturday night (August 25), a show from Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s On The Run II tour was interrupted by a stage invader, who popped up at the end of a song as The Carters were exiting the stage. On the same night, Travis Scott had a similar incident at Leeds Festival when a fan managed to jump up on stage during his set.

Despite their similar approach, though (i.e. running wildly onstage), the two fans seemed to be treated very differently. The stage invader at the Beyoncé/Jay-Z concert in Atlanta was immediately confronted by the duo’s backup dancers, who swarmed like giant yellow bees and seemed to physically stop him before security got involved. Apparently, he was treated for minor injuries and has been charged for disorderly conduct and battery.

A much more relaxed approach was taken at the Travis Scott concert, despite the fact the rapper reportedly “seemed a little annoyed at first”. In the end, Scott even handed him the microphone to rap a verse, before taking it back to perform songs from the recently-released Astroworld.

Obviously, there's good reason for the two stage invaders to be treated so differently. The Carters are about as high profile as it gets, so a random stranger making a beeline for the couple (pun definitely intended) could pose more of a security risk. And there’s also their tight choreography and massively intricate shows to take into account, which would easily be disrupted by an errant fan.