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Lana Del Rey - spring/summer 2017
Lana wears all clothes, belt Chanel, drop earrings, brooches worn on right shoulder Gillian Horsup, brooch worn on left shoulder Louise FerdinandoPhotography Charlotte Wales, styling Robbie Spencer

Lana Del Rey says Radiohead lawsuit is ‘over’

‘Now that my lawsuit’s over, I guess I can sing that song any time I want, right?’

Earlier this year, Lana Del Rey said that she was being sued by Radiohead over similarities between Lust For Life’s “Get Free” and the British band’s 1992 single “Creep” – but it seems her legal troubles are over for now.

In a tweet in January, Del Rey said that Radiohead were asking for 100 per cent of the “Get Free” publishing rights. Later, she even suggested it might be removed from the album in future releases.

However, complicating matters was the fact that Radiohead’s publishers Warner/Chappell denied that a lawsuit even existed, and that they’d merely been “in discussions” with Del Rey’s representatives. They also denied that they were asking for 100 per cent.

Whatever the case, Del Rey now says that the lawsuit is over. As Stereogum report, this weekend she performed at Lollapalooza Brasil, and after playing “Get Free” towards the end of her set, told the crowd: “Well, fuck! I mean, now that my lawsuit’s over, I guess I can sing that song any time I want, right?”

Watch a video of the moment below.