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Watch a moving Lil Peep tribute video by his videographer

Wiggy captured backstage moments, rowdy gigs and candid snaps with the late rapper

Following the untimely death of 21-year-old rapper Lil Peep, his videographer has shared a touching tribute video.

The video is titled ‘Are you really surprised you’re here?’ and is soundtracked by Peep’s recently released track “Downtown”. It begins on a flight, with Peep discussing his ventures: “You don’t expect any of this to happen but you don’t get here without working really fucking hard. Once you're here it’s not like you're surprised to be here it's like ‘fuck, I’ve done so much’.” 

Wiggy captures the late artist in rousing performances, goofing off backstage, getting his hair cut, and in candid, personal moments with mates.

Peep, real name Gustav Ahr, passed away last week of a suspected overdose before a gig in Arizona. Friends, fans and fellow artists have mourned the death of a talented, warm young person who shared his heart and beautiful mind with the world, cruelly snatched far too soon.