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Cardi B tweets and deletes claim that the police choked her

Her boyfriend and Migos rapper Offset shed some light on the situation saying ‘the hip hop police are real for sure’

This year pretty much belongs to Cardi B. “Bodak Yellow” recently hit number two on the Billboard chart and was performed by Janet Jackson on her State of the World tour, and the rapper then became the queen of New York fashion week sitting on the front row of multiple shows.

However, in stark contrast to her rising fame and increasingly glamorous lifestyle, the Bronx-born rapper alleges that she was attacked by a police officer on Tuesday evening. She told her followers that she had been choked by the police. Her now deleted post read: “I can’t believe this cop put me on a choke hole just now shit is crazy these NY cops don’t know how to do they job (sic)”

She ended the post by saying “FUCK 12” a phrase used to describe law enforcement, particularly the DEA who deal with drug-related offences. It’s also the title of a Migos track which features the lyric “Aye throw that shit, throw that shit 12 outside”.

Not much is known about the circumstances surrounding the claim, but Migos rapper Offset aka Cardi B’s boyfriend has come out to support her statement. Speaking to TMZ he said: “At first when she called, I ain't think she was being serious until I had seen it on her face”

Offset blamed it on the “hip-hop cops” saying “the hip hop police are real for sure”, referring to a theory that rappers have included in their music for some time. Many have stated that police departments in America purposefully target high profile rap artists. 

“Two other people were supposed to be fighting and they didn’t touch the dudes, they touched her,’ he explained. “You can’t stop the police they kill people every day and get away with it.”