Robert Pattinson and a CGI Iggy Pop star in new music video

The rock icon’s collaboration with Oneohtrix Point Never gets a freaky, Safdie Brothers-directed visual

Earlier this year Iggy Pop collaborated with electronic innovator Oneohtrix Point Never on “The Pure and the Damned”. The muted track appears on the Oneohtrix Point Never-composed soundtrack for Good Time, which ended up scooping the Best Soundtrack award at Cannes Film Festival earlier this year. Now, with the Safdie Brothers-directed film about to hit cinemas, a new video has been unveilved – and it gets a little freaky.

“The Pure and the Damned” video comes directed by the Safdie Brothers themselves and also stars Good Time actors Robert Pattinson and Benny Safdie as their characters from the film – but, weirdly, the clip doesn’t actually use any footage from the film. Instead, it tells a story about two brothers that revolves around a cabin in the woods. Also, Iggy Pop dances in front of that cabin, rendered in weirdly leathery 3D. Naturally.

Good Time is out in UK cinemas on November 3. Watch the video above.