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Azealia Banks Wallace music video
Azealia Banks debuts interactive music video for new single 'Wallace'

The star of Azealia Banks' new interactive video is... you

Viewers get to control the Broke With Expensive Taste rapper in the music clip for ‘Wallace’

Azealia Banks is no stranger to creative music videos and she's continuing to push boundaries with the tech-y new video for "Wallace". The Broke With Expensive Taste single sees a collaboration with a tech company called Collins, using Google technology for this webcam-driven interactive film.

The Nick Ace and Rob Soucy-directed clip is only vieweable on Chrome and features nifty motion-capture technology that allows you to insert your own image into the music video. When you move, so does Banks. Pretty impressive right?

“I’m such a huge fan of technology and creative new ways of interacting and engaging with fans, so this collaboration was perfect for me," Banks said. "Music videos are as much of an art form as the music itself. The more I can push myself in my creative endeavors, the better."

"Working side by side with this incredible team of tech-creatives was a truly unique and enjoyable experience, and I’m thrilled to be part of a potentially groundbreaking new 'norm' in the future of making music videos.” 

While the controversial rapper may be taking a social media break for Lent, this interactive clip will probably keep us going while she rids herself of any lingering Twitter woes – well, we hope.

Watch "Wallace" here.