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Azealia Banks Chasing Time music video
Azealia Banks in the "Chasing Time" music video

Azealia Banks will pay you $10,000 to remix her new single

Calling all bedroom producers: ‘Chasing Time’ needs you

If you want Azealia Banks to listen to your music, you could try spamming her Instagram posts with links to your Soundcloud. Or you could just enter the competition to remix "Chasing Time", the latest track off the album Broke With Expensive TasteYou'll win $10,000 for your trouble, too – and it'll be released as the first official remix to the single. 

Banks has made the stems of the track available via BitTorrent and is asking all contenders to upload their entries here on SoundCloud. Over 20 wannabe producers have submitted their tracks since the competition was announced this afternoon.

Advance warning: your remix better be on point – all of the submissions are public, and you can bet some members of the #KUNTBRIGADE will be passing judgement in the SC comments. 

Watch the video for "Chasing Time" below: