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Raisa K - Feeder

Hear the climactic and diverse new EP from the explorative electronic producer exclusively here

'Feeder' is the latest release from the experimental producer Raisa K, whose industrial, climactic sounds are layered over keyboard work she was best known for with Micachu and the Shapes. The London producer, credited for her ability to avoid easy categorisation, creates tracks which straddle the borders of genre thanks to her hypnotic vocals and distorted bass. 

Having collaborated with Kwes and DELS, Raisa cites mixtape culture as one of the reasons for the eclectic and varied influences on her tracks. That's not to say there isn't continuity between the tracks but, instead of adopting a 'concept', Raisa’s work is much more introverted and as a result, the tracks much more abstract. Listening to ‘Feeder’ is a reminder of the experimental way in which Raisa K works, unafraid of producing 'noise' and making something soulful out of the distorted.
Dazed Digital: What can people expect from your EP?
Raisa K: An introduction to what I do.
DD: What's the most unlikely/unexpected sample you've used?
Raisa K: The most unexpected... probably my voice.  Two years ago I never thought I'd be writing songs, singing them, let alone giving them to other people to listen to today.
DD: Where do you do draw inspiration from in terms of style and technique?
Raisa K: Ideas for me come more from experimenting- and relaxing into that experimentation at that. Learning something new about the program you’re using/ using different programs/picking up an instrument you've never played before etc... and just enjoying that process.
DD: Did you have any ideas about how you wanted the record to be/sound when you first set out to do it?
Raisa K: The tracks all existed prior to the decision to put out an EP so it was more a case of choosing which ones. I wanted them to be varied but consistent, so the thought went more into that, track-listing and tweaking some of the mixes so there's some flow.
DD: It's hard to categorise your work, do you set out to create records that break the boundaries of 'genre'?
Raisa K: I enjoy a lot of different music... genre doesn't come into play when I'm listening to music and well I guess we listen to mixtapes and playlists as much as we listen to albums now.  So when I'm writing it’s not surprising it comes out a bit jumbled.
DD: Have you got live shows lined up this year or will you be spending more time writing new material?
Raisa K: I just did a lot of touring and gigging last year with Mathes so am into home vibes and writing right now. Saying that working out how to play material live is so fun and also a good test of a song, so I'm looking forward to it.