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Kwes: Meantime EP Stream

Having worked with the likes of Ghostpoet, Micachu, DELS and Speech Debelle, the 24-year-old producer now presents his debut EP for Warp here

Dazed Digital: Having worked with so many different kinds of collaborators, who has been the most challenging in terms of looking at your own production process?
Kwes: Probably Speech Debelle's 2nd album 'Freedom Of Speech', more because a few of the songs I had to rearrange and re-record / re-write in part from previously recorded sessions. It was a totally fun thing to do though. My own production process is pretty freeform anyway, but the aforementioned instance is something I hadn't done before at the time.

DD: How do you think your new EP differs from your previous work, if it does?
Kwes: More personal, more songs.

DD: Do you think having a pop aspect to your songs is the hardest to get right?
Kwes: 'Pop' is in me I think, so I don't think that's the hardest aspect. I guess the "hardest" or rather more laborious aspect is turning what I'm thinking/wanting to write about into song/sound/music.

DD: What are you most excited about next?
Kwes: Seeing my grandparents, and seeing what next thing my Nan has to say about the world. She's a deeply animated and positively sensitive person, and I may have a song about her on my album.