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Bonobo x DELS Video Premiere

Dazed premieres the new video for Bonobo's track featuring DELS and Andreya Triana ahead of their sets on Boiler Room tonight

Dazed Digital premieres the new video for the new version of Bonobo's epic single 'Eyesdown' featuring breathtaking vocalist Andreya Triana. In this new reworking, the inimitable DELS takes on his own interpretation of the track for the Black Sands remix album out this February featuring the likes of Floating Points, FaltyDL, Duke Dumont, and Lapalux.

I felt [the video] captured the feeling and mood of the song. I think it's really important for directors to be sensitive to what the song is communicating

Here we have some words with DELS about his version as premiered here first ahead of their Boiler Room sets tonight...

Dazed Digital: What was your favourite memory from working with Bonobo and/or Andreya?
Unfortunately, when I recorded my vocals for this remix of the original, I wasn't in the studio with them. This was the stand out track for me on the 'Black Sands' LP. It spoke to me instantly and I noticed
that there were a few pockets on the beat for me to jump in. I recorded a verse based on what my sister was going through at the time. Simon Green/Bonobo heard the verse and it ended on the remix album. The song is perfect without me on it, I loved the space and structure of the original. I'd love to work with both Bonobo and Andreya again in the future.

DD: How much input did you have for the new video and are you pleased with the end results?
Because I was only featuring on this song I didn't have much input in how the visuals were put together. The video Charlie and Joe (the directors) put together, I felt captured the feeling and mood of the song. I think it's really important for directors to be sensitive to what the song is communicating. When I was on set, I knew the video would turn out well.

DD: Are you still working on your graphic design work or more focused on music at the moment?
At the moment, I am more focused on my music as I'm working on an EP and then straight after I'll be working on the follow up to my debut album, 'GOB'. Whenever I get a chance I work on a few small scale illustrations/paintings, as I'm getting back into illustrating again. I wan't to direct a music video in the near future too. I update this site when I can:

DD: What are you most excited about next?
Working on my second album. I've got a few talented producers helping me put it all together. To then work on the visuals to coincide with the record itself because 2012/2013 is about bulking up my design portfolio for me. I'm also looking forward to working out how to play the 2nd album live with my band once it is all finished.

The Bonobo - Black Sands remix album is out 13th February. Bonobo plays alongside DELS, Lapalux and Blue Daisy on The Boiler Room tonight.