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EXCLUSIVE FILM: Micachu Studio Tour

The charming Micachu (of the Shapes fame) takes us on a tour round her studio aka a metal container in the Docklands

There was something special about Micachu And The Shapes’ studio which, to put it simply, was a large metal box container. But besides the limited space, the studio was writhing with homemade instrumental gold, an impressive collection of vinyls and scattered furniture in an effort to make it somewhat appear like home – all it was missing was a fireplace. Mica, who goes under the stage pseudonym of Micachu, warmly welcomed us into this ‘box’ of hers... a place where you can escape the reality of everyday life and make as much noise with as many unorthodox instruments as you like – which is the perfect excuse for spending all day in a box.

The new album, ‘Never’, is out July 26th on Rough Trade Records

Film by Christopher Ullens
Text by Katia Ganfield