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Waze & Odyssey Mix

A new mix from the house duo as they self-release 'Love That Burns Hot Enough' on their vinyl-only label

The duo behind Waze & Odyssey have been operating under the mystery guise to make unabashed classic house tracks with heavy influences from the likes of Todd Terry and DJ Sneak. Besides playing huge parties like Bugged Out Vs Trailer Trash, and the Panorama Bar in Berlin, they've just released their EPs 'Rejected / Turn The Volume On (Body Work)' and 'Dance Yeah How' on the More Music sampler (This Is Music). This October sees their debut release on their vinyl-only label, W&O Street Tracks, with 'Love That (Burns Hot Enough)' as well as a new exclusive mix for Dazed...

What do we use to make our tunes? Ha, two pieces of flint, a cloth and some petrol

Dazed Digital: How would you describe your sounds? Why do you work so well as a duo?
Waze & Odyssey: We're a house act that are sick of over production, keep it raw like someone's handed you tape of their sound off a ghetto street corner. We bring the right sound to the party, simple.

DD: What do you use to make your tunes?

Waze & Odyssey: What do we use? Ha, two pieces of flint, a cloth and some petrol.

DD: What's next?

Waze & Odyssey: Jumping Skream & Benga's show on Radio 1. Releasing on Disco Bloodbath and Throne of Blood. Remixes for Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs and Disclosure. Playing Panorama Bar Berlin, gigs in Barcelona, Edinburgh , got Bugged Out vs Trailer Trash in London Town. We've a release from our boii Ejeca on our own label W&O Street Tracks. He's a real one to watch. Look out for a November or December release.

Exclusive Waze & Odyssey Mix by Dazed Digital on Mixcloud