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Isaac Tichauer Mix

The Aussie producer creates a tropical summer mix for us filled with catchy basslines and lush deep house

DJ, producer and resident Oz, Isaac Tichauer is the latest beat-smith to join Leon Oziel’s tropical-funk label French Express with his upcoming debut album Devotion out on the 31st July later this summer. Producing some seriously powerful deep house tracks, Tichauer’s music pair’s elements of classic 120 with husky soulful vocals set against a drastically plunging bassline. Ahead of his forthcoming release we caught up with him to find out more about his creative process, what it’s like making music with only one working ear, and the potential dangers of living room furniture.

Dazed Digital: What’s your creative process like? How do you go about putting a new track together?
Isaac Tichauer:
I'll first try to find something memorable and build out from there. The concept of finding a hook is very relevant for most genres, and the rest comes down to production and solid arrangement. I tend to look for musical elements like big baseline, keys and distinctive vocal samples and work from there.

DD: Talk to us a little bit about your work with French Express. How did you get involved with them? What are your plans for the future?
Isaac Tichauer: I've known Leon (Perseus) for quite a while, and we've been in touch on Skype for ages. He's been pushing me to finish and put out music, and I have to say his (for lack of a better term) "supportive nagging" is pretty much the reason why reached this point and have finished anything. He's a machine, up at all hours. My problem is I tend to hate all my music before I finish it, and then end up not wanting to release it. Leon talked me out of trashing "Doing what I got" on no less than 3 occasions. After seeing the positive response it received, I've decided to jump in the pool a bit more with my music. The release is a bit of leap of faith, and once its out its time to see my friends again and get some sun.

… new?
I broke my toe tripping over the coffee table the same day the doctor told me knee injury (on the same leg) had fully healed.

… in your fridge at the moment?

An ice pack for my toe and some creamed corn.
… your poison?

… good for a hangover cure?

… great about where you’re from?

Trees and beaches, absolutely everywhere.
… your track for the summer?

It changes everyday, so my track of today is "Time To Get Physical" by NICE7. I don’t know anybody that cant move to it just a little bit.

Tell us something we don’t know.
I was born deaf and have one working ear today due to good medicine.

Exclusive Isaac Tichauer Mix by Dazed Digital on Mixcloud