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Arsenal - Optimo Remix

Hear the new Optimo remix for the Belgian duo who chat to us about their new single here with upbeat vocal harmonies and electronic melodies

Formed by John Roan and Hendrick Willemyns, rising Belgian band Arsenal have had sell-out gigs on the continent, with ever-growing recognition in the UK. Arsenal's new EP makes for an ideal summer soundtrack with upbeat electronic harmonies and relaxing beats which highlights the band's ability to gracefully adopt different styles, a trait which typifies the uniqueness of each of the band's albums. With a new EP on the horizon, Arsenal chat to Dazed as we premier the exclusive Optimo remix from the new single.


...special about you?
Two guys meeting in the backstage of a techno event, finding out that both their all-time favorite track is the drum intro of a 'Carcass'-album? It was inevitable we were going to have a future together...

...the story behind your name?
We were looking for a powerful and rather aggressive name to clash with the soulful music we made in the beginning. Our studio at that time was in Brussels, next to an old World War II-weapon depository, better known as the 'Arsenal', and with all the signs pointing towards our direction, it was a decision easily made.

...your worst vice?
Good food and lots of drinks. It brings out the best in us....

...your favourite sound?
The sound of silence. After a tough session in the studio, we used to grab a couple of beers and drive up to the woods at night for a walk. The pressure of the silence at night is pretty intense. We could sit on a bench for an hour, just listening to the nothingness of the wood after dark. Good moments....

...your favourite website?
YouTube for sure. In times when the muse is not amongst us, there's always YouTube to fill the gap with 80s punk rock videos.

...your favourite label?
We're not really into labels, but I kinda like the stuff coming out on Monkeytown and 50 Weapons. I think it's the fun factor that does it for me...

...your worst fashion secret?
A Garfield boxer short?

...are you listening to now?
The new Siriusmo. I love that guy's work.

How would you describe your work?
Inspired entertainment or entertaining inspiration?

What's next?
I wouldn't call it world domination yet, but...