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Apache Beat: Tracing Sky

We speak to the Brooklyn 5-piece as they return with a long overdue new single after a hiatus since their debut album in 2010

After a bit of a hiatus, Ilirjana Alushaj, Phil and Christina Aceto, Michael Dos Santos, and Angus Tarnawsky, who comprise the five-piece New York band Apache Beat, make a welcome return with their new single “Tracing Sky”. Hear it in the stream below, alongside our quickie interview with Alushaj about their dream collaborators and plans for the future...

Dazed Digital: How long has your new single “Tracing Sky” been under work?
Apache Beat:
Not very long to be honest. Apache Beat has a multitude of tracks we've been working on separately and together for the band, in our spare time. When deciding on singles we felt Tracing Sky was the most complete and would be a good introduction to the band's developing style.

DD: Why was now the time to make a return after a year and a half and what's the biggest difference to your work since then?
Apache Beat: We've learnt to let go. We definitely used to have an issue with trying to add all our ideas into one song. Now we've become good at learning how to minimise and use only what we need.

DD: Was it tempting to let the project go during this time?
Apache Beat: Not really because we love working together and don't really stress about the results, in the same way it seems other bands do. Being massive isn't the be-all and end-all, as we are doing it because we like it. We do other things artistically at the same time and so it really helps make it fun when we work together.

DD: You've worked with some huge names in the past, who (alive or dead) would be your dream collaborators yet?
Apache Beat: I definitely know Mike (bass and vocals) and Phil (guitar) would be all up on the Brian Eno and Kevin Shields. What is Ian McCulloch up too? Siouxsie? PJ Harvey? Linder Sterling? Maybe our band's namesake Klaus Dinger? I personally would've loved to have done something with Malcolm McLaren. Or in the very least sit down and chat with him. His thought process seemed so manic and his desire to try his hand at everything is pretty inspirational. Why not right? Just do it.

DD: What’s next?
Apache Beat: Writing and recording. Working on a bunch of projects. Another Apache Beat single will be out in the next few months then an EP. One of us is making a film. Another is making electronic tracks. Loads of customising of drum kits. I can also confirm that I won't be cutting my hair again this summer. So you know, definitely loads happening.