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EXCLUSIVE: Swiss Lips Mixtape

We premiere a mix featuring the likes of Gold Panda, TEED, Lone and Lykke Li from the Mancunian five-piece

At the end of September last year Swiss Lips announced to the world: ‘Swiss Lips have formed. This is the beginning. Swiss Lips have formed.’ And with only three tracks available online, the Mancunian five-piece have got a busy summer ahead of them.

We just liked the way the words 'Swiss Lips' sounded together, then found out that it's slang for a vagina, and so our decision was made

Booked to play Live at Leeds, Lovebox, The Camden Crawl, The Great Escape and Dot to Dot festival, it’s inevitable that by the time their one-year anniversary rolls around, their energised indie-pop is bound to be on everybody’s lips. Having just signed a deal with Sony, the band are brimming with potential. Dazed spoke the boys about their fast-paced success. 

Dazed Digital: Is there a story behind the name 'Swiss Lips'?
Swiss Lips: We just liked the way the words 'Swiss Lips' sounded together, then found out that it's slang for a vagina, and so our decision was made.

DD: Do you think that coming from Manchester has influenced your music in any way?
Swiss Lips: Finding the middle ground between guitar music and dance music has been something Manchester has always been good at, and we hope to carry on that tradition.

DD: You’ve just signed a four album deal with Sony – as such a new band how does it feel to join a major?
Swiss Lips: We feel very lucky. We are a new band but have all been playing in different bands for as long as we can remember so it doesn't seem like an overnight thing. It's feels amazing to have the support and belief of a team like Epic behind what we are doing and being Michael Jackson's label mates is something to brag to girls about. 

DD: Are there any artists/acts in particular who particularly influence what you do?
Swiss Lips: Everyone really - it changes from tune to tune, we take influences from all kinds of music. At the moment we are listening to Prince, Justice,Def Leppard, M83, the Beach Boys , Joe Goddard. 

DD: You’re playing at this year’s Camden Crawl and you’ve recently been playing a few gigs around London – what has been the most memorable experience on tour so far? 
Swiss Lips: We've only done two tiny gigs, but they were ace, and we cant wait to do more. At our first ever gig I saw two girls singing along to our song 'U Got The Power', it felt good, like we were doing something right.


1. Gabriel - Joe Goddard
2. I Follow Rivers (The Magician Remix) - Lykke Li
3. Forgive - Tourist
4. Vanilla Minus - Gold Panda
5. U Got The Power (Artigo Retro Remix) - Swiss Lips
6. Hurting (Tensnake Remix) - Friendly Fires
7. Feeling - G.Vump
8. Tapes & Money - Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs
9. Explorers - Lone
10. Let The Beat Control Your Body (Ft. Louisahhh!) - Brodinski