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Shlohmo's Bad Vibes

With his shattering new album Bad Vibes, the prodigious young producer loses himself whilst his Wedidit collective has his back

Henry Laufer was still a teenager when he first appeared as Shlohmo. The LA-born, now bi-coastal San Francisco / New York production wonderkid (not to be confused with the mouthy UK beatboxer) dropped an ethereal, daydream thump, all fuzzed out electronics and West Coast cosmic haze. Now 21-years-old, he’s released his full album proper and “Bad Vibes” shatters any preconceptions of smoked-out, bedroom beats. It’s Shlohmo’s hypercoloured dreams awash with an honest, soaring ambience, tinkering toy soldiers shattering electronics and guitar shards whilst wayward drums knock upside your head. And the video for single “Just Us” with UK video director Arthur Chance is the perfect visual collaboration - an orchestrated video wall of lo-fi ingenuity and pure class. Shlohmo’s also a founding member of the sprawling Wedidit collective of emerging new bloods that you clearly need to be on.

Dazed Digital: Did you lose yourself in this album, the record seems to go deeper with every track?
Completely lost. I recorded it over a period of roughly nine months and was lost the entire time. I stopped going out. It was a weird period of time and I just stopped thinking about anything except the music. It's super corny but it was a crazy departure for me, to become that involved. I've never worked like that on anything before, just constantly dwelling in my shit for months and months like that with nothing else. It was kind of fucked.  

DD: Leeor Brown has a very creative approach to running the Friends of Friends label. What inspires you about FoF?
I just really dig what Leeor's doing. We have a lot of mutual trust for each other and I think that's the main reason I've been sticking around. Leeor has a real love for the music, he really does it because he enjoys supporting what he likes.

DD: Can you introduce the whole Wedidit crew?
RL Grime: the other Henry, originally from LA and now out in NYC, is making some of the craziest future garage, grime, trap shit I've ever heard. dude's gonna pop very soon. trust.

My dude Jasper making some of the most unique electronic music. Inspired by house, corny nostalgia, video games and everything tech. Even though dude's one of my best friends, I still catch myself listening to his shit all the damn time.

D33J: Djavan was my roommate last year in SF. I can't name very many other artists that I'm as excited about. He’s making four on the floor, introspective day dream tracks and his live set is fucking mesmerising.

Jonwayne: One of the strangest cats I know, Jon is a talented-ass rapper and producer. You probably already listen to him.

Juj: I’ve known this motherfucker since we were four-years-old. We both showed up to a halloween party dressed as the same Power Ranger and it was on.

Melonious Drunk: My current roommate in NYC and my best man since the age of 12. 1/3 of the Three Yellow Men. DJ on East Village Radio. Check out the show he does with our other good friend called "Nick and Nick" every Thursday night 10 - 12pm EST.

This dude likes to keep his shit as low key as possible, but I think pretty soon it's not going be up to him anymore.

Elan: Now staying out in San Diego, he makes some craze hip hop-influenced, future funk shit on his MPC and just got picked up by Modeselektor's Monkeytown Records.

Dr. Blount: Very much jazz influenced and constant collaborator with Austin Peralta and Strangeloop, this dude’s been laying low for a while as well but I hear he has some new tunes to send me...

The mysterious homie out of Oakland prefers to keep his shit as under wraps as humanly fucking possible. He's on some Pete Rock mixed with Amon Tobin type vibes. Aka, very next level.