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Total Slacker

Alongside an album launch, the Brooklyn-based triplet take on a UK tour with Sexbeat after travelling with the likes of Wavves, Yuck and Thee Oh Sees

Having formed only a year ago, Brooklyn's Total Slacker have since graced on US & European indie labels and played over 100 whirlwind shows in New York. After their single ‘Crystal Necklace’ shot to fame on Fierce Panda's mixtape compilation alongside the likes of Dum Dum Girls, Twin Sister, and Beach Fossils, their new album is entitled ‘Thrashin’, consisting of 11 songs all recorded in Carlos Hernandez of the band Ava Luna, in Coney Island.

Expect guest appearances from Beach Fossils' guitarist Cole Smith [formerly of Darwin Deez] and of course their typically grungy sound. Having played with the likes of Wavves, Thee Oh Sees, and Yuck, they're now set to tour the UK including an album release party with Sexbeat on 29th September.

Dazed Digital: What has been the best point of this summer for you so far?
Total Slacker:
Probably getting to tour for the first time a few months ago in June. We had soooo much fun, and the kids that came out were all really inviting and chill.

DD: You've toured with the likes of Wavves, Thee Oh Sees and Yuck, what was your most memorable experience so far and who did you enjoy playing with the most?

Total Slacker: Well we haven't yet toured with any of those bands, but we have played a bunch of shows with them in NYC and Austin, Texas this past year. I'd say Thee Oh Sees are a true inspiration, they deliver a great show every time, every night. They are also good people. We really enjoyed Yuck, and hope to play with them again too!

DD: How would you describe the sound of your forthcoming album, if you had to?
Total Slacker: It's minimal without being pretentious. I think we captured something special on the debut LP!

DD: Has your sound changed over time since you started?
Total Slacker:
Yes but we've kept everything we like and what our fans like, but weve also grown away from being a 'reverb band' or a 'lo-fi' band from Brooklyn. Although we love that era of Brooklyn, we're moving onto the next level of Total Slacker, which is all about songwriting and taking the listener somewhere special that inspires, you know. And it's mixing well with our first songs we wrote. (Which was only two years ago now. It's so weird, haha.)

DD: As a new band, is it difficult/a hinderance or a positive thing from any relative hype that surfaces?
Total Slacker: Ahh I think it's fun. It gets strange sometimes when people try to box you into a sound, and forget who you are and where you came from, or don't even bother to ask. But everyone responds to music differently too.

DD: What are you most excited about next?
Total Slacker: Probably getting the album out there, and touring our asses off! We want to see the world  and play shows outside of NYC. We've played over 100 shows in Brooklyn this past year or so, and we're ready to do that now.

Total Slacker's new album 'Thrashin' will be out on 26th Sept whilst ‘Secret VHS Collection” will be released as a single on 5th September, with a video by Mathew Caron.