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Beyond A Reasonable Doubt: the WANAWAL exhibition at Reference Point

This evening, the West Asian and North African Women’s Art Library will host a multisensory and multidisciplinary exhibition at Reference Point

On November 18, the West Asian and North African Women’s Art Library – co-curated by Zainab Hasoon and Sara bin Safwan – will host their inaugural exhibition entitled Beyond A Reasonable Doubt at Reference Point, the library, bookshop and bar based at 180 Strand.

The exhibition, which was inspired by Etel Adnan’s poetry collection The Spring Flowers Own & Manifestations of the Voyage, explores the ways in which memories and meanings are preserved over time, whether that be through objects, people or feelings.

Beginning at 7pm, the exhibition will be based around a multisensory and multidisciplinary public program featuring contemporary artists Lulua Alyahya, Juline Hadaya, Ghad AlMajid, Malak Elghuel, Sophia Al Maria and Shamiran Istifan. They will be channelling the poetry of the late Etel Adnan and exploring the preservation of memories and meanings through various mediums.

Chef and artist Sally Hakmi will also be attending to offer a culinary presentation featuring a wide array of dishes to be enjoyed by attendees.

As the evening progresses, there will be a collection of experimental sonic performances from London based artists Gisou, AZADI.mp3, Marcelina with Anastasia and Bint7alal.

For more information and tickets, head here.

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