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sexy Bernie costume

You can now dress as sexy Bernie Sanders for Halloween

Folding chair is optional

October nearly upon us can only mean one thing: spooky season. Thankfully, online retailer Dolls Kill, a favourite of e-girls and nu-Tumblr kids alike, is selling a sexy Bernie Sanders costume for Halloween – because, quite frankly, sexy cats are so passé.

Inspired by the senator’s viral inauguration day outfit (AKA the fit that launched a thousand memes), the “Once Again Asking” costume set comes with an oversized grey coat, knitted mittens, and a blue face mask. Folding chair is optional. 

While the idea of dressing as a slutty Bernie Sanders maybe isn’t what comes to mind when envisioning your first post-lockdown Halloween party, the cosiness of the attire is undeniable. Besides, the face mask means that you can stay safe and responsible throughout the night. It’s a win-win!

On the other hand, there’s an undeniable irony to wearing a costume produced by a fast fashion brand when we all know Bernie to be a sustainable king (the OG mittens were hand-knitted by a school teacher from his home state in Vermont). Then again, it could be worse: at least it’s not a sexy Handmaid’s Tale costume.