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Bernie Sanders meme
via Twitter (@jocelynsilver)

Inauguration memes that prove Bernie Sanders is the president of our hearts

The real winner of the election TBH

The man who launched a thousand memes, Bernie Sanders single-handedly broke the internet yesterday (January 20) after images of him went viral at Joe Biden’s inauguration.

Sanders, a one man meme machine, emerged from a socially-distanced sea of designer suits and dresses in his puffy winter jacket (the same one as his campaign trail meme, I might add), oversized mittens (sustainable, hand-knitted, made wholesomely by a school teacher from his home state in Vermont), and holding a manila envelope (naturally).

He then proceeded to sit cross-legged, face obscured by a regulation medical mask, and watched proceedings with the studied suspicion of a man who, quite frankly, has better places to be.

The true winner of the inauguration, Bernie is, and will forever remain, the president of our hearts. Here’s some memes to prove it.