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Dazed’s #ShowUsWhatYouGot TikTok challenge
Via TikTok (@dazed)

Show off your unique talent with Dazed’s TikTok challenge

This year’s Dazed 100 spotlights cultural creators breaking new ground across the globe – as it draws to a close, it’s your turn to #ShowUsWhatYouGot

Explore the full Dazed 100 2021 line-up here

Earlier this month, the 2021 Dazed 100 landed, spotlighting the cultural creators who are breaking new ground across the globe. This year’s list, curated in partnership with Converse, is part of Open To Change – a larger platform that aims to carve out visibility for underrepresented voices – and centres on the urgent change that’s needed across the creative industries. That’s why each person on the Dazed 100 was asked to answer the question: “How will you shape the future?” 

And now, Dazed wants you, dear reader, to answer it too. Head over to TikTok to join Dazed’s #ShowUsWhatYouGot challenge, which calls on users to share their unique talents, and reveal what you do, why you do it, and how you’re making the world a better place.

To kick off the challenge, Maddie and Margo Whitley – model sisters who found fame on TikTok over the past year – share their creative vision for the future. “If we win the (Dazed 100) grant, we’re going to create a line of swimwear for trans women by trans women,” they say.

DJ, radio host, and filmmaker Krystal Lake – who’s also blown up on TikTok over lockdown with her “lessons that school doesn’t teach you” – joined the challenge, revealing that if she wins the Dazed 100, she’ll “create a production house to give you longer and deeper films with real heroes, real facts, and real information”.

Though, of course, it’s not just Dazed 100ers sharing their talents and ideas. Others show off their drawing skills, Photoshop tricks, and original music. What will you share?

Head to the TikTok Dazed 100 hub here, and #ShowUsWhatYouGot on TikTok here. You can watch some of the submissions so far below.


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A lil video of the making of WILD FROWN on my mini album EYE OF THE STORM ❣️⚔️ ##foryoupage ##fyp ##music ##ShowUsWhatYouGot

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