Margo & Maddie Whitley

Maddie & Margo Whitley

Ages - Maddie Whitley 21, Margo Whitley 21
New York, United States
We’d create a trans swim-and-underwear line for trans women to feel comfortable in their bodies at home and at the beach
Maddie & Margo Whitley

Scrolling the depths of TikTok’s For You page, it’s likely that you’ve come across Maddie and Margo Whitley, dressed in fully thrifted pop-goth garb, gazing heavy-lidded somewhere into the screen’s middle distance. Over the past year, the Texan twins, who recently moved to New York to relish their trans identities, have amassed quite the following on TikTok, which they use as much as a space for documenting their transition as they do for making self-deprecating jibes and flexing their fits. Alongside their 400,000 strong fanbase on the platform, the identical sisters count Marc Jacobs, Riccardo Tisci, and John Galliano as devotees, all of whom Maddie and Margo have lended their looks to, modelling across various campaigns and catwalks. 

As they set their sights towards the near future, the model sisters are taking it easy, recovering from gender confirmation surgery. That’s not to say the duo have stopped plotting, though. “We would like to make a trans swimwear and underwear line,” they say, pointing out just how difficult it is for trans women to find affordable, quality undergarments. “There is a lack of sizing inclusivity and quite frankly no swim options. We have used duct tape for years.” With the support of Converse, the model twins want others to feel free to ditch the adhesives, “creating a safer and more inclusive way for trans women to feel comfortable in their bodies both at home and at the beach”.

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